Friday the 13th

So it was mostly a normal day at school. I went out for lunch with my BIG sister and we had for Chinese food. God only know how much I missed Chinese food. There were two other people there with their children (whom they weren’t watching). It was quite the adventure

Two of my friends from high school came to visit me on Friday. Makes me realize how much I missed them, my old school, home in general. We went out for dinner at Cheddar’s (good thing I just got paid).  It was really good! then we watched horror movies all night in honor of Friday the thirteenth. Good Day!



So this past week the freshman got to meet their big sisters; which was awesome!!! At my school the freshman get big sisters from the junior class. We filled out an application for a big sister during orientation and over this past week posters from our big sister have been showing up on the walls outside our doors. I might upload a picture of mine later. I love my sister, she loves anime and TV dramas and we’re going out for lunch on Friday.

Also today I got voted onto the stunt committee board. Stunt is a tradition that started 118 years ago. It started because Once upon a time… 118 years ago their was a rising senior who couldn’t afford her senior year and wasn’t going to be able to graduate with her class. Her friends were not cool with this so they got every class to put together a 20 min musical show  to raise money for that rising senior. It worked and we’ve been doing it ever since and every year the money goes to two rising seniors who need it. I am now part of this GRAND TRADITION. I wore a pirate hat to the meeting and now everyone in my year wants one. 😉


So After two weeks of just writing out my entire week I realized something… EVERY DAY LIFE IS BORING. So from now on I’m just going to write about the important or at least vaguely interesting things.