Hey Guys,

So orientation ends today and classes start tomorrow. I actually have no clue how I feel about this. I was pretty darn ready for orientation to end but I don’t feel anywhere near ready for classes to start.


So all the freshman arrived on Saturday. We checked in, set up our dorm rooms, etc. I brought way too much stuff but I have no clue what I could have left but I having to put it all away; and there’s about a million things that I forgot ESPECIALLY MY  MUG!!! I FORGOT MY CUPS, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE TEA? Then there were a couple of things we had to sit though including O-groups (bet ya’ll could guess what that stands for). My O-group leaders where Lexi and Elizabeth they were cool but we were a real quiet group in general.


We did nothing on Sunday. We literally jut went to chapel, had brunch, went to a resident hall/IT meeting, had dinner.


We did everything on Monday they should have had some of that stuff on Sunday! They gave us a tour of the campus and taught us how to use stuff, which is good because the mail boxes are way to hard to open. Then there were just a bunch of meetings, just one after another it was Campus Security, then Financial Aid, then Work Study and so on and so forth.


Tuesday was pretty chill too, we had O-group again, then there was Job/Club fair which was pretty cool but I didn’t want to commit to too much yet. Then We had the Matriculation Ceremony where the new students write their name on this huge piece of paper that’s going to be put into book with all the past Wesleyan students names which was pretty cool. After that we what was supposed to be a “party” there wasn’t really a party they played music while we ate dinner and that was pretty much it.

So classes start tomorrow, which i’m obviously worried about. I’m still sorting somethings out with my schedule so we’ll see what happens. So that’s it for now, I’ve decided this is going to be a weekly thing, I couldn’t keep up with a daily one.

Talk to ya’ll next week 🙂

Luv, G


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