Week 1

OK, so I’ve finished my first full week of classes; not dead yet, so far so good.


So we started in the middle of the week, don’t know what’s up with that. Wednesday’s my busiest day of the week with four classes. Those classes being WISe a transitioning to college class mandatory for all freshman. My African American Theatre class which is by far my most interesting class, we had to read a play called Mulatto and had to write a reflection paper on it, amazingly good story, terribly depressing read. Emotionally I’m somewhere between wanting to throw the book across the room and wanting to read it again. I also have Writing 101 which I landed myself in by accident (didn’t notice the time limit on the placement essay… oops). And last but not least Fencing (sword fighting), I decided to take fencing because I took it in middle school and I made the mistake of bringing my swords with me, now the coach expects more from me in class and he wants me to be in fencing club… oops, again. p.s. don’t judge me for starting a sentence with and


Thursday was far more laid back with only two classes, Acting 1 and WISe lab. Both classes we just sort of went over the syllabuses nothing very exciting.


Same classes as Wednesday minus the fencing. Classes went well, not very different from the first, everything was mostly discussion which works for me. There was also a shuttle to Walmart on Friday where I picked up some much needed things I forgot at home. It was really late though and Walmart sketchy as hell all the time, plus it was raining 😦 bought extra stuffed Oreos and more chips not proud.


I did nothing but homework on Saturday and got most of the weeks work finished. Sunday my parents came down and we picked up more stuff my brother and I needed and ate Burger King, more regret with my food choices. Watched a soccer game we lost but it wasn’t an official game so it’s all good. We also got a new suite mate. Our original suite mate lived alone cause her roommate never showed up, but our new suite moved in because her last roommate was insane I swear there’s more drama hear than high school. Which really isn’t that weird the drama at my high school was minimum to nonexistent. Then I had auditions for two plays at seven o’clock.


Same class schedule as Friday not much difference. My roommate is deciding to move to a private room, no I didn’t drive her out. Our hall is noisy as hell!!! I go to a women’s college name Wesleyan, let me tell you now GIRLS BE CRAZY! Just random screaming at night and running down the hall some of them come back from the club (yes south Georgia has clubs) all late with guys… THE HELL!


Seems to be my most laid back day. I have voice lessons which is technically a class. It’s only one credit but I’m a singer it’s necessary. Then I have acting 1 again, we played theatre games the entire time so that was fun. I also had call backs that afternoon even though they never emailed me about them I just got a call asking me to get down to the theater building ASAP so I jogged over there.

So yeah guys that was my week, pretty exciting(not really).

Talk to you guys later,




Hey Guys,

So orientation ends today and classes start tomorrow. I actually have no clue how I feel about this. I was pretty darn ready for orientation to end but I don’t feel anywhere near ready for classes to start.


So all the freshman arrived on Saturday. We checked in, set up our dorm rooms, etc. I brought way too much stuff but I have no clue what I could have left but I having to put it all away; and there’s about a million things that I forgot ESPECIALLY MY  MUG!!! I FORGOT MY CUPS, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE TEA? Then there were a couple of things we had to sit though including O-groups (bet ya’ll could guess what that stands for). My O-group leaders where Lexi and Elizabeth they were cool but we were a real quiet group in general.


We did nothing on Sunday. We literally jut went to chapel, had brunch, went to a resident hall/IT meeting, had dinner.


We did everything on Monday they should have had some of that stuff on Sunday! They gave us a tour of the campus and taught us how to use stuff, which is good because the mail boxes are way to hard to open. Then there were just a bunch of meetings, just one after another it was Campus Security, then Financial Aid, then Work Study and so on and so forth.


Tuesday was pretty chill too, we had O-group again, then there was Job/Club fair which was pretty cool but I didn’t want to commit to too much yet. Then We had the Matriculation Ceremony where the new students write their name on this huge piece of paper that’s going to be put into book with all the past Wesleyan students names which was pretty cool. After that we what was supposed to be a “party” there wasn’t really a party they played music while we ate dinner and that was pretty much it.

So classes start tomorrow, which i’m obviously worried about. I’m still sorting somethings out with my schedule so we’ll see what happens. So that’s it for now, I’ve decided this is going to be a weekly thing, I couldn’t keep up with a daily one.

Talk to ya’ll next week 🙂

Luv, G

Introduction-About Me

Hey guys,

Before I officially started my blog I thought I’d tell you a little about myself. So starting with the basics my names Jordan H (not using my last name probably not a good idea) and I’m from Atlanta Ga. I was raised in a non-denominational christian family and I was home schooled for the majority of my life. I also went to a sort of home-school hybrid school called Artios where I was pretty much taught the arts. Artios teaches everything from  the Visual art, to Literary Arts, to Performance Art. I absolutely loved it there it was more like one all inclusive community than an actual school and i’ll love those people forever! I’m a huge theatre person though i’m almost equally interested in traditional art i’m still going to major in theatre, since i have a theatre scholarship that something i kind of have to do. That’s pretty much it, my life has been kind of boring so far but we’ll have to see how things progress from here. 😉

Talk to ya’ll later,